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SharePoint 2010

Explore these links to find out more about developing solutions for SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, and SharePoint Designer 2010.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 collaboration software provides enterprise-scale capabilities to meet business-critical needs such as managing content and business processes, simplifying how people find and share information across boundaries, and enabling informed decisions. Using the combined collaboration features of SharePoint 2010—which includes Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010—plus the design and customization capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, organizations can enable their users to create, manage, and easily build SharePoint sites that are discoverable throughout the organization.

  • The SharePoint Foundation 2010 technology helps teams stay connected and productive by providing easy access to the people, documents, and information that can help in decision making and getting work done. See Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 for the free download of SharePoint Foundation 2010.

  • SharePoint Server 2010 relies on the SharePoint Foundation 2010 technology to provide a consistent, familiar framework for lists and libraries, site administration, and site customization. Any features that are available in SharePoint Foundation 2010 are also available in SharePoint Server 2010.


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We publish new content continuously. To see content about SharePoint Products and Technologies, click the items to the left in the table of contents.

  • SharePoint 2010 SDK Documentation. Software development kits (SDKs) or references are extended documentation sets. They usually provide application programming interface (API) documentation, sample code, and other supporting information.

  • SharePoint 2010 Technical Articles. Technical articles are 15-20 pages in length and provide detailed technical information and code examples. They may serve any number of purposes: getting started, providing best practices, describing a solution, discussing the use of a given object or method in depth, and so on.

  • SharePoint 2010 Book Excerpts. Book excerpts are online excerpts of published books. Each chapter often focuses on one key solution or set of tasks as well as providing you a free, in-depth look at a book. Links are included for viewing the entire book online or purchasing the book.

  • SharePoint 2010 Visual How-Tos. Visual how-to articles are 10-15 pages in length and combine some of the best elements of blogs, video, and technical articles by providing a brief overview, a code sample, and a how-to video. You can read the overview, review the code snippet, view the video, and explore the additional resources.

  • SharePoint 2010 Quick Notes. Quick Notes are 2-4 page tasks in a single scenario. Combined, they provide an end-to-end solution for a specific scenario. Individually, they are single-page tasks that you can print and use.

  • SharePoint Development in Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2010 provides an alternative to creating SharePoint applications through SharePoint Designer. Visual Studio promotes rapid SharePoint development by providing such features as advanced debugging tools, IntelliSense, statement completion, and project templates. Visual Studio also takes advantage of advanced .NET Framework-based tools and languages. SharePoint projects can be developed by using either Visual Basic or Visual C#.

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This documentation includes the following topics about the new features in SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 and updates to the object model to help you get started.


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