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Customizing the Server Ribbon

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

The Server ribbon in SharePoint Foundation 2010 can be customized by using Server ribbon XML and ECMAScript (JavaScript, JScript). The XML defines the controls on the ribbon; the JavaScript performs actions on the page or an object on the page. You can use JavaScript that exists in the SharePoint FoundationJavaScript object model or built-in JavaScript functions. You can also add your own JavaScript to the page and use it to interact with the ribbon.

When customizing the Server ribbon, you can add, replace, and remove controls, groups, and tabs. Customizations to the ribbon are defined by using Server ribbon XML in a Feature and can be deployed in a solution package (.wsp file). Ribbon customizations can be scoped to a particular list type by using the RegistrationId and RegistrationType attributes. Customizations can also be scoped to a site or to a particular web by using the Scope attribute in the Feature.xml file.

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Server Ribbon XML

EcmaScript and the Server Ribbon

Declarative Customization of the Server Ribbon

Imperative Customization of the Server Ribbon

Default Server Ribbon Customization Locations


Architecture of the Server Ribbon