SharePoint Foundation 2010 General Reference

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

The following areas include all of the general reference material for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Each area contains specific information for all of the feature areas within SharePoint Foundation.

Reference Areas

What's New in SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides summaries of the new features and enhancements in SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Getting Started with Development for SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides an introduction to SharePoint Foundation. This section provides a conceptual overview, a programming model overview, information on leveraging development tools, and quick access to frequent programming questions.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 Building Blocks provides an introduction to the features of SharePoint Foundation. Each building block contains overview information to help you get started with an area quickly. This section also contains key programming tasks such as converting date and time values, getting references to objects, and registering namespaces.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 Development in Depth provides in-depth programming information on the features of SharePoint Foundation. This section includes the server object model, client object model, packaging and deployment, user interface and Server ribbon, and queries and data retrieval.

SharePoint Foundation Security provides information on how to use the object model for security in SharePoint Foundation. This section includes users and groups, authentication, and claims-based identity.

SharePoint Foundation Administration provides information on how to use the object model for administration of SharePoint Foundation. This section includes upgrade, logging, Windows PowerShell, content migration, data recovery, health, and the SharePoint Management Shell.

SharePoint Foundation Additional References provides information on the unmanaged APIs in SharePoint Foundation. This section includes schemas, protocols, cascading style sheets (CSS), ActiveX control APIs, and Web Part Page Services Components.

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