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Customizing Search Results

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

After you enter a query in the search box, the browser is redirected to the search results page. Your query terms are passed to this page as part of the URL's query string. For example:


The search query passed to this page is then submitted to the Search service application, which then returns the search results to the requesting page as XML data. The XML data is then transformed by the search Web Parts into the HTML that is displayed on the search results page by using XSLT Transformation (XSLT) code.

Following are the search results Web Parts in SharePoint Enterprise Search:

  • Federated Results  Displays search results from the specified federated search location.

  • People Search Core Results  Displays the people search results.

  • Refinement Panel  Displays a summary of search results and enables users to filter results.

  • Related Queries  Displays the related searches for a particular user query.

  • Search Best Bets  Displays high-confidence results.

  • Search Core Results  Displays the search results for a user's query.

  • Search Summary  Displays the summary for a user's query.

  • Top Federated Results  Displays the top result from the configured federated search location.

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