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Visio Services in SharePoint Server 2010

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010


The information in this topic applies to SharePoint 2013 as well as to SharePoint 2010.

Visio Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 enables you to load, display, and interact programmatically with Microsoft Visio 2010 documents on SharePoint Server 2010.

Visio Services offers the following interfaces:

  • The Visio Services class library, which enables you to create a custom data provider for Visio 2010 drawings hosted on SharePoint Server 2010.

  • The ECMAScript (JavaScript, JScript) object model, which enables you to interact programmatically with a Visio 2010 diagram in the Visio Web Access Web Part in a browser on a client computer.

Visio Services Class Library

You can use the Visio Services class library, in the Microsoft.Office.Visio.Server namespace, to build custom Visio Services data providers. These data providers permit you to programmatically refresh data derived from custom data sources in Visio 2010 diagrams hosted on a SharePoint Server 2010 site.

For more information about creating a custom data provider and to work through a complete end-to-end solution, see Creating a Custom Data Provider with Visio Services.

Visio Services ECMAScript Object Model

The JavaScript object model in the Vwa Namespace in Visio Services gives you programmatic access to Visio drawings displayed as Web drawing (.vdw) files in the Visio Web Access Web Part. Using the JavaScript object model, you can access data about diagrams, pages, and shapes; shape hyperlinks; and shape bounding box properties. With this access, you can create mashups that highlight shapes, place overlays on the diagram, respond to diagram and mouse events, and change the panning and zooming properties of the viewport.

For information about adding a Visio Web Access Web Part to a SharePoint page and programming that page by using the JavaScript API in Visio 2010, see Customizing Visio Web Drawings in the Visio Web Access Web Part.

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