How to: Display or Hide Quick Launch

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Quick Launch is a menu of links that can appear on the left side of each page in a website. When it is displayed, it can help users navigate to important content. Site administrators can adjust site settings so that the Quick Launch menu is either enabled or hidden on the site. Website designers can use Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 to enable or hide the menu. Developers can accomplish the same task by writing code.


Some web templates are not designed to display Quick Launch. For example, neither the Basic Meeting Workspace nor the Decision Workspace has a Quick Launch menu. If you create a website by using either of these templates, the content placeholder that is defined for the left navigation area in the master page (MWSDefaultv4.master) contains custom content that is defined in the home page (default.aspx). The custom content in the page definition fills the left navigation area, which would otherwise contain the Quick Launch menu, with a ListViewWebPart that is configured to display a list of meetings. Changing the settings for Quick Launch has no effect in this case because the control that renders the Quick Launch menu is not on the page.

To enable or disable Quick Launch through the user interface

  1. Click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.

  2. Under Look and Feel, click Tree view.

  3. To display the control, select the Enable Quick Launch check box. Or, to hide Quick Launch, clear the check box.

To enable or disable Quick Launch using SharePoint Designer

  1. Open the website in SharePoint Designer 2010.

  2. On the site settings page, under Settings, select the Display Quick Launch check box to enable the menu. To hide the menu, clear the check box.

  3. Click File, and then click Save to save the change.

To enable or disable Quick Launch in code

  1. Get a reference to the SPWeb object that represents the website.

    SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb("test");
    Dim web As SPWeb = site.OpenWeb("test")
  2. To display Quick Launch, set the QuickLaunchEnabled property to true. To hide Quick Launch, set the property to false.

    web.QuickLaunchEnabled = false;
    web.QuickLaunchEnabled = False

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