Microsoft.Office.SharePointWorkspace.AddIn.Data Namespace

The Microsoft.Office.SharePointWorkspace.AddIn.Data namespace provides the classes and enumerations to access the data in SharePoint Workspace add-in tools.


  Class Description
Public class Attachment Contains a file attachment.
Public class AttachmentCollection Returns the collection of attachments.
Public class SPWDAExtensions This class is not accessible from add-in tools. It implements .NET Extension methods for the DataRow and DataSet classes.
Public class SPWDataChangeEventArgs Provides information about changes in the add-in tool's underlying data.
Public class SPWDataConnector Provides the connection between the underlying tool data and your add-in datasets.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SPWContentState Describes the state of the attachment contents, whether the local system has the current attachment contents.
Public enumeration SPWRecordChangeSource Specifies whether the underlying data change was initiated on the local system or on a remote copy of the workspace.
Public enumeration SPWRecordChangeType Specifies whether the underlying data change was caused by creating, deleting, or updating a record or an attachment.