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ExportList Method

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Exports the schema of a list in the format of Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML).


This method is deprecated and may not be supported in future releases. Instead, use the following Web service method:GetList(String) and GetViewHtml(String, String) Web service methods.

<Method ID="Text">
  <SetList Scope="Request">GUID</SetList>
  <SetVar Name="Cmd">ExportList</SetVar>




ID = "Text"

Application-specific string. In an HTML editor compatible with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, the string provides the sequence number and name of the method.

Scope = "Request"

When set to Request, the Scope attribute sets the variable for the scope of the enclosing Method element, unless the variable is changed by another tag.

Name = "Cmd"

Must be set to ExportList.


<Method ID="0,ExportList">
  <SetList Scope="Request">GUID</SetList>
  <SetVar Name="Cmd">ExportList</SetVar>


When used in a URL protocol to make an HTTP GET request, this method requires a List parameter that specifies the GUID of the list.