Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation provides an extensive set of events that you can integrate into library, list, site, and user operations. There are two types of SharePoint Foundation events:

  • Events that fire before actions occur and that are handled synchronously, allowing custom validation and data processing before lists are modified.

  • Events that fire after events occur and that are handled asynchronously.

Site Item Event Bindings

In addition to being bound to a content type, you can register event handlers that are scoped at the Web site level to respond to list item events.

Possible scopes:

  • Farm: No

  • Web Application: No

  • Site Collection: Yes

  • Web Site: Yes

Site Event Activation

When site events are activated, they are added as registered events for the specified Web site and associated with list instances of the specified type.


Although this element type is only supported for Web site-scoped Features, they can be associated with a content type that is site collection-scoped.

For more information about the file format for item event handler features, see Event Registrations.