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Project Element (Site)

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Serves as the top-level element in an Onet.xml file that contains a site definition configuration or Web template configuration for a new Web site.

  AlternateCSS = "Text"
  AlternateHeader = "Text"  AlternateUrl = "Text"
  CustomJSUrl = "Text"
  DisableWebDesignFeatures = "Text"
  ListDir = "Text"
  Revision = "Integer"
  SiteLogoUrl = "Text"  SiteLogoDescription = "Text"
  Title = "Text"  UIVersion = "Integer">





Optional Text. Used to specify the name of an alternate cascading style sheets (CSS) file located in the %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\lcid\STYLES directory (where lcid is the ID of a language/culture; for example, 1033 for English) that defines styles to use in the configuration.


Optional Text. Used to specify the name of an ASPX page located in the %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS directory that defines an alternate header for the top area in site pages. This attribute provides a means to replace the header region of a page with the output of an ASPX page that defines a different header. For example, add AlternateHeader="myHeader.aspx" to the Project element to specify myHeader.aspx as the name of the file that provides an alternate header.


Optional Text.


Optional Text. Specifies a custom JavaScript file located in the %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS directory that contains script to execute within a site created from the site definition.


Optional Text. Blocks specific editing features that are used in SharePoint Designer. Possible values include the following, which can be delimited using semicolons:

  • wdfbackup   Disable Web site backup.

  • wdfrestore   Disable Web site restore.

  • wdfpackageimport   Disable Web site package import.

  • wdfpackageexport   Disable Web site package export.

  • wdfthemeweb   Disable theme support for the Web site.

  • wdfthemepage   Disable theme support for individual pages.

  • wdfnavigationbars   Disable support for navigation bars.

  • wdfnavigationview   Disable the Navigation view for the Web site.

  • wdfpublishview   Disable the Remote Web site view for the Web site.

  • wdfpublishselectedfile   Do not allow the selected file to be published.

  • wdfopensite   Disable access to the entire Web site.

  • wdfnewsubsite   Do not allow the creation of a new subsite.


Required Text. Specifies the directory in which to implement new lists.


Optional Integer. Specifies the build number of the site definition.


Optional Text. Specifies a server-relative URL for a custom image to use for the site logo. For example, /_layouts//images/MyCustomLogo.gif.


Optional Text. Provides a description of the site logo.


Required Text. Specifies a default name for Web sites that are created from the site definition.


Optional Integer. Specifies the version of the SharePoint Foundation UI that is being used by the sites based on the site definition.

Child Elements

BaseTypes, Components, Configurations, DocumentTemplates, ListTemplates, Modules, NavBars, ServerEmailFooter

Parent Elements



Minimum: 0

Maximum: 1


The following example shows the opening line of the Onet.xml file for the standard SharePoint Foundation site definition (STS).

<Project Title="$Resources:onet_TeamWebSite;" Revision="2" ListDir="$Resources:core,lists_Folder;" xmlns:ows="Microsoft SharePoint">