Remote Procedure Call Protocol

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 from Microsoft are a set of programs that work in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) to support administering, authoring, and browsing a Web site.

SharePoint Foundation and the FrontPage Server Extensions Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol govern the exchange of information between the client computer and the Web server running SharePoint Foundation. This communications protocol is layered on top of the same HTTP protocol that Web browsers use to interact with a Web server.

The RPC protocol uses the HTTP POST request to send methods to SharePoint Foundation and the FrontPage Server Extensions. These requests enable the client to request documents, update Tasks lists, add new authors, and so on. The return values contain any requested information to the client in the form of an HTML document. When a client author opens a site from a Web server running SharePoint Foundation or FrontPage Server Extensions, information about the site, such as its hyperlink map, is downloaded to the client computer so that the client can display the information. However, the full set of pages and other files that comprise the site remain on the Web server.

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