I_IrmProtector Interface

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Represents the interface that a COM object must implement to act as an Information Rights Management (IRM) protector in SharePoint Foundation.

I_IrmProtector: public IUnknown


Each IRM protector must be a COM component that implements the I_IrmProtector interface. Implementing this interface guarantees that the protector provides SharePoint Foundation with the functionality it needs to manage the rights of documents of the specified file types.

While both integrated and autonomous protectors must implement the I_IrmProtector interface, each type of protector implements the interface differently, because SharePoint Foundation calls the two types using different methods of the interface. SharePoint Foundation invokes integrated protectors using the I_IrmProtector.HrProtectRMS Method and I_IrmProtector.HrUnprotectRMS Method methods, while it invokes autonomous protectors using the I_IrmProtector.HrProtect Method and I_IrmProtector.HrUnprotect Method methods. This enables SharePoint Foundation to pass the appropriate information to each type of protector:

  • For integrated protectors, this includes an I_IrmPolicyInfoRMS Class object, which represents methods and data that a custom integrated IRM protector can access to assist in the encryption and decryption of rights-managed files.

  • For autonomous protectors, this includes an I_IrmPolicyInfo Class object, which represents the rights management metadata that an autonomous IRM protector can access to rights manage files.

For more information about integrated and autonomous protectors, see Custom IRM Protectors.

After you have compiled your custom IRM protector, you must register that protector with SharePoint Foundation so that it can be made available for document libraries.

For information about registering IRM protectors, see How to: Register an IRM Protector.

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