Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Controls Namespace

Provides the XmlFormView class and related types and members for hosting a browser-enabled form in a custom Web page on a site running InfoPath Forms Services.


  Class Description
Public class InitializeEventArgs Used to set InputParameters of an InfoPath form template hosted in the XmlFormView control.
Public class NotifyHostEventArgs Used to send data from the hosted InfoPath form template to the Web page.
Public class SubmitToHostEventArgs Used to return information about the submit to host operation of a hosted InfoPath form template.
Public class XmlFormView The main ASP.NET control used to show InfoPath forms in a browser.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration XmlFormView.EditingState Specifies how the XmlFormView control in the custom Web page is displayed.
Public enumeration XmlFormView.SubmitState Specifies the state of the most recent form submit operation.