EventLog Table

The EventLog table contains events for which only non-immediate (daily or weekly) alerts exist. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services copies these event records from the EventCache table.

Warning  Modifying the database schema or database structures is unsupported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.


Column name Data type Description
SiteId uniqueidentifier ID of the site available, from the Sites table.
NotifyFreq int Value that indicates the frequency with which alerts are sent. Immediate (0), Daily (1), or Weekly (2).
EventTime datetime Time when the event record was inserted into the database.
ListId uniqueidentifier ID of the list in which the monitored item appears.
ItemId int ID of the item that raised the event.
ItemName nvarchar Full name of the item.
ItemFullUrl nvarchar Full path to the item.
EventType int Item Added (1), Item Modified (2), Item Deleted (4), Discussion Added (16), Discussion Modified (32), Discussion Deleted (64), Discussion Closed (128), Discussion Activated (256).
ModifiedBy nvarchar User name of the person whose modification raised the event.
TimeLastModified datetime Time when the event occurred.