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SPFieldType Enumeration

The SPFieldType enumeration specifies a field type for a field.


The following table shows the members of the SPFieldType enumeration and provides a brief description of each.

Name Description
Attachments Contains attachments.
Boolean Contains Boolean values that are stored in the database as 1 or 0.
Calculated Contains calculated values.
Choice Specifies a predetermined set of values that can be used to enter data into the field.
Computed Specifies an abstract field type that depends on other fields for its content and definition.
Counter Contains an integer used for internal ID fields.
CrossProjectLink Specifies a link between projects in a Meetings Workspace site.
Currency Contains currency values formatted based on a specific locale.
DateTime Contains date and time values.
Error Contains errors.
File Contains files.
GridChoice Specifies a Choice field for a data sheet.
Guid Contains GUIDs.
Integer Contains positive or negative integer values.
Invalid Not used.
Lookup Contains references to values in other lists.
MaxItems Contains the maximum number of items.
ModStat Specifies Content Approval status.
MultiChoice Contains multiple values per list item.
Note Specifies a field that can contain multiple lines of text.
Number Contains floating point numbers.
Recurrence Specifies a field used in calendars for recurring events and, like computed fields, an abstract field type that depends on other fields for its content and definition.
Text Contains a single line of text.
Threading Specifies a field that is used in the creation and display of threaded Web discussions.
URL Contains hyperlinks.
User Specifies users of a SharePoint site.


Namespace: Microsoft.SharePoint

Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Assembly: Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

Security: Code Access Security