MeetingInstanceId Property

The MeetingInstanceId property of the SPQuery class gets or sets the ID that specifies the meeting instance from which to return information in the query.

Property Value

A 32-bit integer that specifies the ID.


If the MeetingInstanceId property is set, the query returns information for the specified meeting instance. If not set, the query by default returns information for the first upcoming meeting instance. This property can be set to an SPMeeting.SpecialInstance value.

Each occurrence within a Meeting Workspace site with a recurring event or multiple single events linked to it has a unique instance ID. Items in the list are identified by the instance ID of the occurrence they correspond to, allowing the list data to be filtered for items corresponding to a specific occurrence. Setting this property and then passing the query as the parameter for a GetItems method of the SPListclass returns items for a specific occurrence.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows ServerĀ 2003

Security: Code Access Security