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Database Tables

The following is a list of database tables used in a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services topology.

Warning  Modifying the database schema or database structures is not supported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.

Configuration Database Tables

Name Description
AntiVirusVendors Antivirus software vendors.
CustomTemplates Templates that appear in the global templates list (template picker).
Databases Content databases and associated settings.
Globals Settings that apply to all sites on the physical server within a Windows SharePoint Services topology.
InstalledWebPartPackages Web Part Packages that are available to the virtual server.
Servers Physical computers in the Windows SharePoint Services topology.
Services Services such as database, Web, and mail services that are included in the Windows SharePoint Services topology.
Sites Sites in the Windows SharePoint Services topology.
VirtualServers Virtual servers and their associated settings.
WebPartPackages Web Part Packages that are installed in a topology.

Content Database Tables

Name Description
Categories Associations among documents and their assigned areas.
ComMd Document discussions.
Deps Document dependencies.
DiskWarningDate Date and time of last warning about disk quota.
Docs Documents and document folders.
DocVersions Version history of documents from document libraries.
EventCache Cache for alerts.
EventLog Log for alerts.
HT_Cache Cache of documents transformed for viewing in a Web browser.
HT_Settings Settings for HTML viewing.
ImmedSubscriptions Alerts that are set to be sent as soon as the changes occur.
Links Links to be recalculated during a site recalculation.
Lists Lists in the site.
NavNodes Nodes that are displayed in the navigation bars.
Personalization Personalization done to Web Parts.
SchedSubscriptions Alerts that are set to be sent on a daily or weekly basis.
SiteGroupMembership Members of cross-site groups.
SiteGroups Cross-site groups.
Sites Sites in the content database.
TimerLock Locking scheme that determines which server locks which database.
UserData List data.
UserInfo Info about each user added to the site.
WebCat Links between Web sites and areas.
WebGroupMembership List of members of the site groups.
WebGroups Site groups (such as Administrator, Web Designer) for the site.
WebMembers Members of a site.
WebParts Web Parts available for the sites. A view is a Web Part.
Webs Subsites associated with a site.
WelcomeNames Default documents for the site.