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Please see Azure Cognitive Services for Speech documentation for the latest supported speech solutions.

Speech Platforms

This section of the MSDN Library provides resources to help you get started developing redistributable solutions using Microsoft speech technologies.


Microsoft's redistributable speech technologies give you the tools and functionality to build speech into applications that you can redistribute to your customers.

  • Microsoft Speech Platform. The Microsoft Speech Platform consists of a Runtime, a Software Development Kit (SDK), and Runtime Languages (language packs that support speech recognition or text-to-speech for a specific language) that you can redistribute with your applications.

Speech in Server-Based Microsoft Communications Technologies

  • UCMA 3.0 Core SDK. UCMA 3.0 supports the development of server-side, middle-tier applications for Microsoft Lync 2010. Support for speech recognition, text-to-speech, and VoiceXML is provided by version 10.2 of the Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime and SDK. Typical uses include contact center or help desk scenarios that use IVR as well as automated call distribution (ACD) and call-recording.

  • UCMA 2.0 Speech SDK Documentation. The UCMA 2.0 Speech API is based on version 10.0 of the Microsoft Speech Platform, and supports twelve different languages.

  • Speech Server 2007. Speech Server 2007 enables you to develop and deploy voice response applications.

  • Speech Server 2004 R2. Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2 is Microsoft's tool for deploying and managing distributed speech applications.

Speech in Kinect for Windows

The Kinect for Windows SDK includes a custom acoustical model that is optimized for the Kinect sensor’s microphone array. The Kinect for Windows SDK provides the necessary infrastructure for managed applications to use the Kinect microphone with the Microsoft.Speech APIs, which support the latest acoustical algorithms. To get the Microsoft.Speech APIs, download and install the Microsoft Speech Platform 11 SDK.

See the Speech C# How To for an example of how to program speech recognition using the Microsoft.Speech APIs with Kinect for Windows.