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Please see Azure Cognitive Services for Speech documentation for the latest supported speech solutions.

Microsoft Speech Platform

This section of the MSDN Library provides resources to help you get started developing redistributable speech solutions using the Microsoft Speech Platform.

The Microsoft Speech Platform consists of a Software Development Kit (SDK), a Runtime, and Runtime Languages (language packs that enable speech recognition or text-to-speech for a specific language) that you can redistribute with your applications.


The Microsoft Speech Platform SDK provides a comprehensive set of development tools for managing the Speech Platform Runtime in voice-enabled applications. Add the ability to recognize spoken words (speech recognition) and to generate synthesized speech (text-to-speech or TTS) to enhance users' interaction with your applications.

The Speech Platform SDK includes the Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml namespace to support authoring speech applications using industry-standard VoiceXML markup language. The Speech Platform Runtime includes a VoiceXML runtime. Also included in the SDK, the Microsoft Grammar Development Tools provide a comprehensive set of command-line applications with which you can validate, analyze, and tune your grammars for speech recognition.


Follow these links to download the software development kit (SDK), Runtime, and Runtime Languages for the version of the Speech Platform that you want to use. You cannot combine components with different version numbers.

The SDK and Runtime currently support 26 languages. You can separately download Runtime Languages that enable speech recognition or text-to-speech for a specific language. The version of the Language Pack must match the version of the Runtime that you are using.

Current Version:

Getting Started

See the following links for useful information to help you get started using the Microsoft Speech Platform.


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