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Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate permissions with SharePoint Server 2013


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise, SharePoint Server 2013 Standard

Summary: Learn how to configure and demonstrate SharePoint 2013 permissions based on the Test Lab Guide: Configure intranet and team sites for SharePoint Server 2013.

This document explains how to set up and demonstrate SharePoint permissions in the following scenarios:

  • Locking down a subsite so that only members of a specific department can access it

  • Creating a subsite that the vendors of an organization can access

  • Creating an archives subsite so that documents can be added, viewed, and changed, but not deleted

This document contains instructions for the following:

  1. Setting up the SharePoint Server 2013 intranet and team sites test lab.

  2. Preparing groups and accounts and initial permissions.

  3. Configuring a secured Human Resources subsite.

  4. Configuring a subsite for vendor use.

  5. Configuring an archives subsite.

Watch the demonstrate permissions with SharePoint Server 2013 test lab guide overview video

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Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate Permissions with SharePoint Server 2013

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