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Explore what's new in Duet Enterprise for SharePoint and SAP Server 2.0


Applies to: Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP Server 2.0

Summary: Learn about the capabilities of Duet Enterprise 2.0, including support for SAP NetWeaver Gateway and the OData protocol.

In this article:

  • About Duet Enterprise 2.0

  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway

  • Feature Pack 1 for Duet Enterprise 1.0

  • Duet Enterprise Client

About Duet Enterprise 2.0

Organizations that want to restrict access of SAP data to their intranet can use Duet Enterprise 2.0, which is installed on a SharePoint Server 2013 farm within the corporate intranet. By using Duet Enterprise 2.0, the SAP data is surfaced on websites on the SharePoint Server farm. Those who are familiar with the first version of Duet Enterprise will be familiar with this architecture.

The following figure shows a high-level view of a Duet Enterprise 2.0 deployment.

Figure: Duet Enterprise 2.0 on-premises deployment

Duet Enterprise 2.0 deployment diagram

SAP NetWeaver Gateway

SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 is a component of SAP NetWeaver that enables Duet Enterprise 2.0 to connect to SAP systems by using OData endpoints. The primary benefit of this is that you can connect SharePoint Server to an SAP system by using the Open Data (OData) protocol. For more information about SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0, see SAP NetWeaver Gateway help in the SAP Documentation Library.

OData support

Open Data (OData) is an industry standard web protocol that is used to access data from external systems. For information about OData, see Introducing OData: Data Access for the Web, the cloud, mobile devices, and more in the MSDN Library.

For years, SharePoint has been an OData provider, which means developers can consume a SharePoint list as an OData source. SharePoint Server 2013 introduces the ability to connect to OData sources. Because Duet Enterprise 2.0 is built on Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint Server 2013, it can take advantage of this OData support to connect to the OData feeds from SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

For examples of OData providers and more information about OData support, see Using OData sources with Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2013 in the MSDN Library.

Feature Pack 1 for Duet Enterprise 1.0

All solutions in Feature Pack 1 for Duet Enterprise 1.0 are built into Duet Enterprise 2.0. The Feature Pack 1 solutions are completely customizable. For example, developers can customize the Aggregated Business Calendar Web Part and the User Profile-based List Web Part to suit their needs. For more information about these solutions, see Feature Pack 1 for Duet Enterprise 1.0 in the Duet Enterprise 1.0 Technical Library.

Duet Enterprise Client

You can also choose to install the Duet Enterprise Client for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP 2.0 on users’ workstations. Doing so enables users to take SAP data offline.


After installing the Duet Enterprise Client, you must either reboot the workstation computer or restart the BCSSync.exe service on the workstation computer.