Deploying Exchange 2010


Applies to: Exchange Server 2010 SP3, Exchange Server 2010 SP2

The deployment phase is the period during which you install Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 into your production environment. Before you begin the deployment phase, you should plan your Exchange organization. For more information, see Planning for Exchange 2010.

Use the following links to access the information you need to help you with deploying Exchange 2010. Also, see Exchange Server Deployment Assistant for information about a Web-based tool that can help you with your deployment.

  • Understanding Deployment of Exchange 2010
    This section includes topics related to understanding your Exchange 2010 deployment, including important information about prerequisites and security. Also, start here to get insight into upgrading from previous versions of Microsoft Exchange.
  • Managing Deployment of Exchange 2010
    In this section you'll find the procedures that will help you prepare your organization and install Exchange 2010 server roles or upgrade existing server roles. This section also contains information that will help you move your mailboxes from one version of Exchange to another.
  • Installation Guide Templates
    This section provides document templates you can use to create customized installation guides for your organization's Exchange 2010 server role installations.
  • Exchange 2010 Servicing
    This section provides guidance about how to deploy fixes for Exchange 2010 and provides information about how to apply the appropriate updates.

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