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Microsoft.Exchange.Data namespace


  Class Description
Public class AsciiString
Public class BinaryFileDataObject
Public class CustomMenuKeyMapping
Public class DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork
Public class DatabaseAvailabilityGroupSubnetId
Public class EdbFilePath
Public class EnhancedStatusCode
Public class EventCategoryObject
Public class ExchangeConfigurationException The ExchangeConfigurationException exception is thrown if a problem is encountered with the configuration of the computer that is running the Exchange server.
Public class ExchangeDataException The ExchangeDataException class represents exceptions that are caused by invalid input data.
Public class FileShareWitnessServerName
Public class Fqdn Provides a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for a server.
Public class GeoCoordinates
Public class IPRange
Public class LocalLongFullPath
Public class LongPath
Public class MultiValuedProperty<T> Specifies the cmdlets you want to search for in the administrator audit log.
Public class NetID
Public class NonRootLocalLongFullPath
Public class NumberFormat
Public class ProtocolConnectionSettings
Public class ProxyAddress Represents the address of a proxy server.
Public class ProxyAddressCollection Represents a collection of proxy addresses.
Public class ProxyAddressTemplateCollection
Public class QueueViewerIncludesAndExcludes
Public class QueueViewerSortOrderEntry
Public class Schedule
Public class SmtpDomain
Public class SmtpDomainWithSubdomains Specifies the SMTP domain that you want to establish as an accepted domain.
Public class SmtpX509Identifier
Public class SmtpX509IdentifierEx
Public class TimeOfDay
Public class TlsCertificate
Public class TransportProcessingQuotaConfig
Public class UMLanguage
Public class UMSmartHost
Public class WindowsLiveId
Public class X400Domain


  Structure Description
Public structure ByteQuantifiedSize Provides a value that expresses a size expressed in bytes with a qualifier.
Public structure DisclaimerText
Public structure DsnText
Public structure EnhancedTimeSpan
Public structure EventLogText
Public structure HeaderName
Public structure HeaderValue
Public structure MultiValuedProperty<T>.Enumerator Provides an enumerator for enumerating a collection of MultiValuedProperty<T> objects.
Public structure RejectStatusCode
Public structure RejectText
Public structure SclValue
Public structure SmtpAddress Specifies the SMTP address of the mailbox.
Public structure SubjectPrefix
Public structure Word


  Interface Description
Public interface ISmimeSettingsProvider
Public interface ISyncNowNotificationClient


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ByteQuantifiedSize.Quantifier
Public enumeration CalendarRepairType
Public enumeration ClientAccessProtocol
Public enumeration DaysOfWeek
Public enumeration DSNConversionOption
Public enumeration ErrorPolicies
Public enumeration GroupBy
Public enumeration HeaderPromotionMode
Public enumeration IMAPAuthenticationMechanism
Public enumeration IMAPSecurityMechanism
Public enumeration IPRange.Format
Public enumeration MigrationEventType
Public enumeration MonitoringItemTypeEnum
Public enumeration PermissionGroups
Public enumeration ProtocolLoggingLevel
Public enumeration ProtocolOption Specifies the network protocol to use for contacting external servers.
Public enumeration ServiceState
Public enumeration ShadowMessagePreference
Public enumeration SizeMode
Public enumeration SortOrder
Public enumeration SyncLoggingLevel
Public enumeration TenantConnectorSource
Public enumeration TenantConnectorType
Public enumeration TlsAuthLevel
Public enumeration TransportService