Install and configure Groove Server 2010 Manager


Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2009-11-09

This topic provides procedures for deploying Microsoft Groove Server 2010 Manager.

Groove Server 2010 Manager provides an administrative center for managing SharePoint Workspace, facilitating the process of provisioning SharePoint Workspace users with management policies and Microsoft Groove Server 2010 Relay assignments that support safe client communications. Installing Microsoft Groove Server 2010 requires the installation of two cooperating applications on separate servers: Groove Server 2010 Manager and Groove Server 2010 Relay. The topics in this article provide guidance for installing and configuring Groove Server 2010 Manager.

Groove Server Manager installation involves setting up SQL Server, setting up an Internet Information Services (IIS) server, configuring SMTP, and installing the Groove Server Manager software on the IIS server. In addition, you can integrate an in-house Active Directory forest with Groove Server Manager to build upon existing infrastructure and help automate the process of bringing managed SharePoint Workspace clients online for provisioning. Upon completion of the procedures in this article, your Groove Server Manager will be ready for testing and subsequent use. The prescribed setup is intended to meet typical enterprise requirements.

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