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Implements all of the events that a form template itself can raise.

The FormEvents type exposes the following members.


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Protected method FormEvents



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Public event ContextChanged Occurs after the context node changes.
Public event Loading Occurs when the form template has been loaded, but before any views have been initialized.
Public event Merge Occurs when the Merge Forms command is invoked from the user interface, or InfoPath is started with the /aggregate command-line switch.
Public event Save Occurs when the Save or Save As commands are used from the user interface, or when the Save and SaveAs methods are used.
Public event Sign Occurs after a set of signed data has been selected to sign through the Digital Signatures dialog box.
Public event Submit Occurs when the Submit command is used from the user interface, or the Submit method is used.
Public event VersionUpgrade Occurs when the version number of the form being opened is older than the version number of the form template on which it is based.
Public event ViewSwitched Occurs after a view of a form has been successfully switched.


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