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Federation and external access cmdlets in Lync Server 2013


Topic Last Modified: 2012-06-26

Federation and external access provide two important capabilities: federation enables users to communicate with people outside your organization, while external access enables users to connect to Microsoft Lync Server 2013 from outside the internal network. The cmdlets available for managing federation and external access in Lync Server 2013 let you determine who your users can (and cannot) communicate with, and determine whether or not those users can connect to Lync Server without having to log on to the internal network.

Federation and External Access Cmdlets

Most management tasks that apply to federation and external access can be performed from the Lync Server Control Panel. These same tasks can be performed using cmdlets from the Lync Server Management Shell or from within a script; using a script enables you to automate certain tasks. The following is a list of cmdlets that relate directly to managing federation and external access: