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Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-06

To create a new Persistent Chat Server Category

New-CsPersistentChatCategory -Name Foo -PersistentChatPoolFqdn [other parameters]


PersistentChatPoolFqdn is needed only if there is more than one Persistent Chat Server pool.

To make changes to existing Persistent Chat Server Category

Set-CsPersistentChatCategory -Identity testCat -AllowedMembers @{Add="", "CN=container,DC=contoso,DC=com"}  -DeniedMembers @{Add=""}
Set-CsPersistentChatCategory -Identity testCat -Creators @{Add=""}

Windows PowerShell: AllowedMembers, DeniedMembers, and Creators can be set simultaneously. Creators should be the subset of AllowedMembers minus DeniedMembers. You can also set the properties of a category at the same time as the members and creators.

Create, Get, Set, or Remove a Category

To create a new Category

New-CsPersistentChatCategory -Name <String> [-PersistentChatPoolFqdn <String>] [-Description <String>] [-EnableInvitations<Switch Parameter>] [-EnableFileUpload <Switch Parameter>] [-RemoveChatHistory <Switch Parameter>] [-MaxContentSize <Integer>]

To get a Category

Get-CsPersistentChatCategory -Identity <String>


Get-CsPersistentChatCategory -PersistentChatPoolFqdn <String>

To set a Category

Set-CsPersistentChatCategory -Instance <CategoryObject> [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]


Set-CsPersistentChatCategory [-Identity] <string> [-Name <string>] [-Description <string>] [-Invitations <bool>] [-FileUpload <bool>] [-ChatHistory <bool>] [-AllowedMembers <PSListModifier[string]>] [-DeniedMembers <PSListModifier[string]>] [-Creators <PSListModifier[string]>] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm]  [<CommonParameters>]

To remove a Category

Remove-CsPersistentChatCategory -Instance <CategoryObject> [-Force <Switch Parameter>] [-Confirm <Switch Parameter>]


Remove-CsPersistentChatCategory -Identity <String> [-Force <Switch Parameter>] [-Confirm <Switch Parameter>]