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Office 365 and EMS dev/test environment


Summary: Use this Test Lab Guide to add EMS to your Office 365 dev/test environment.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) helps keep your employees productive using their favorite apps and devices while protecting your organization's data. For more information, see Enterprise Mobility + Security.

With the instructions in this article, you add an EMS trial subscription to the same organization as your Office 365 dev/test environment, creating an Office 365 and EMS dev/test environment.

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Phase 1: Build out your lightweight or simulated enterprise Office 365 dev/test environment

If you just want to add EMS in a lightweight way with the minimum requirements, follow the instructions in phases 2 and 3 of Office 365 dev/test environment.

If you want to test Office 365 and EMS for a simulated enterprise, follow the instructions in DirSync for your Office 365 dev/test environment.


The configuration in this article does not require the simulated enterprise dev/test environment, which includes a simulated intranet connected to the Internet and directory synchronization for a Windows Server AD forest. It is provided here as an option so that you can experiment with Office 365 and EMS in an environment that represents a typical organization.

Phase 2: Add EMS to your Office 365 dev/test environment

In this phase, you sign up for the EMS trial subscription and add it to the same organization as your Office 365 trial subscription.

  1. With a browser on either your desktop computer (lightweight) or from CLIENT1 (simulated enterprise), sign in to the Office 365 portal at with the credentials of your global administrator account.

  2. Click Admin.

  3. On the Office Admin center tab in your browser, in the left navigation, click Billing > Purchase services.

  4. On the Purchase services page, find the Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 item. Hover your mouse pointer over it and click Start free trial.

  5. On the Confirm your order page, click Try now.

  6. On the Order receipt page, click Continue.


The Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 trial subscription is 90 days. For a permanent dev/test environment, create a new paid subscription with a small number of licenses.

Phase 3: Assign EMS licenses to your users

In this phase, you enable the Enterprise Mobility Suite license for all user accounts.

  1. On the Office 365 Admin center tab, in the left navigation, click Users > Active users.

  2. Click your global administrator account, and then click Edit for Product licenses.

  3. On the Product licenses pane, turn the product license for Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 to On, click Save, and then click Close twice.

  4. For all of your other accounts (User1 [if present], User 2, User 3, User 4, and User 5), do steps 2 and 3.

Your Office 365 and EMS dev/test environment now has:

  • Office 365 E5 Enterprise and EMS trial subscriptions sharing the same organization and the same Azure AD tenant with your list of user accounts.

  • All of your user accounts enabled to use Office 365 E5 Enterprise and EMS.

You are now ready to configure EMS policies, enroll devices, and experiment with scenarios that include both Office 365 and EMS.

Note that configuration and administration for EMS is done from different locations.

Use this portal To manage

Office 365 portal (

  • Users and user groups

    All EMS users are groups must be maintained from the Office 365 portal.

  • Azure Rights Management

Intune portal (

Device policies, device groups, enrolled devices, and reporting

You will not see a list of users in the Intune portal. If you click on Add users, you’ll be redirected to Office 365 portal.

Azure portal (

Azure AD accounts and groups and Intune mobile application management (MAM) policies

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