Office 2010 Resource Kit


Applies to: Office 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-08-05

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The Microsoft Office 2010 Resource Kit provides information about new features and changes in deployment strategies for Office 2010. The documentation is intended for IT professionals who plan, implement, and maintain Office installations in their organizations. New and updated content will be published on a regular basis.

In the Office 2010 Resource Kit:

Section Description

Newly published content in the Office 2010 Resource Kit

Contains a list of new and updated technical content for Office 2010.

Downloadable content for the Office 2010 Resource Kit

Contains a list of content in the Office 2010 Resource Kit that is available as a download.

Explore Office 2010

Provides an overview of Office 2010, and includes information about what’s new for IT professionals, the Microsoft Office 2010 suites, getting started with Office 2010, and product and feature changes in Office 2010.

Assessing the compatibility of Office 2010

Provides information about some of the tools and methods that are available to help you assess your current environment in preparation for the deployment of Office 2010.

Planning the deployment of Office 2010

Provides an overview of the Setup architecture and information about planning for desktop configurations, security, and applications including Microsoft Access 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, and Microsoft Outlook 2010. It also provides planning information for migration and upgrading from previous versions of Office, as well as planning for virtualization and Remote Desktop Services.

Configuring and deploying Office 2010

Provides how-to information for specific deployment tasks, such as customizing the installation, and installing Office 2010 on users' computers. It also provides information about the new licensing options for Office 2010, including instructions for configuring the infrastructure for volume licensing and activation.

Maintaining and updating Office 2010

Provides information about changing users' configurations after installing Office 2010.

Security and protection for Office 2010

Provides information new security controls in Office 2010, which make it easier for IT professionals to build a robust defense against threats while maintaining information worker productivity.

Troubleshooting for Office 2010

Provides suggested solutions to issues you might encounter during a deployment of Office 2010.

Technical reference for Office 2010

Provides technical details related to Office 2010 Setup properties and command-line options, and describes the Office Customization Tool and Config.xml file.


Previous versions of the Office Resource Kit included downloadable tools to facilitate deployment. In Office 2010 and in the 2007 Microsoft Office system, these tools are included within the product; no separate download is required. To view the Office Resource Kit for previous versions of Office, see the “Other Resources” section in 2007 Office System Suites and Programs (