Roadmap for Office 2013 identity, authentication, and authorization


Applies to: Office 2013, Office 365 ProPlus

Summary: Provides a guide to identity and authorization content for IT Pros deploying Office 2013 and Office 365, including articles, blogs, and downloads.

Audience: IT Professionals

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Office 2013 has made a fundamental shift to be more user-based, meaning each user’s content, resources, most-recently-used lists, settings, links to communities, and personalization now roam with them, whether they’re using a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or even a shared or public computer. For the IT admin, user audit trails and compliance are also separated by identity.

The table below shows the resources available to help you plan and configure Office identity and authorization.

Content roadmap for Office 2013 identity and authorization

Getting started

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The Microsoft account or Organization ID that a user logs in with determines what resources are available, both on-premises and in the cloud. To get an introduction, read an article about the identity and authorization methods used in Office 2013, or you can watch a video on the Office IT Pro Blog that explains how identity and authorization work.

If you prefer a more visual representation of identity and authorization concepts, you can view a poster online, or download it to your computer for offline viewing or printing.

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Information Rights Management (IRM)

Information Rights Management (IRM) uses permissions and authorization to help prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people. Get an introduction to IRM, plan for IRM in your organization, and then learn how to turn IRM on.

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Strong passwords help ensure the security of Office documents that are encrypted with a password. As an IT pro, you can set requirements that all passwords be of a certain length and complexity.

If someone forgets a file password, or leaves your organization without informing you of an important password, you can now remove or reset file passwords thanks to the new escrow key capability in Office 2013.

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Ask questions and provide feedback

If you have questions about identity and authorization in Office 365 or Office 365 ProPlus, feel free to ask them in the Office 2013 and Office 365 ProPlus - Planning, Deployment, and Compatibility forum on TechNet. Or, read blog posts about identity and authorization and leave comments in the Office IT Pro Blog.

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