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To assess your Office compatibility, we recommend using the Readiness Toolkit for Office add-ins and VBA. The Readiness Toolkit is a free download and can be used to identify the VBA macros and add-ins used in your organization. Also, the Excel-based readiness reports can tell you which add-ins are adopted or supported in Office 365 ProPlus and can provide suggestions on how to remediate VBA macros issues that are identified. For more information, see Use the Readiness Toolkit to assess application compatibility for Office 365 ProPlus.

Office 2013 logoThe following table includes links to resources that help you deploy and configure Telemetry Dashboard.

Resources to deploy and configure Telemetry Dashboard

Article Description

Deploy Telemetry Dashboard

Telemetry Dashboard replaces the Office 2010 compatibility tools Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM), Office Code Compatibility Inspector (OCCI), and Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT). This article describes prerequisites, deployment procedures, answers to frequently asked questions, database sizing, and troubleshooting for Telemetry Dashboard.

Manage privacy settings in Telemetry Dashboard

Learn about the data that Telemetry Agent collects and how to help protect user privacy by hiding file data in Telemetry Dashboard.

Plan for Telemetry Dashboard topology and hardware

Provides recommendations for sizing, topology, hardware, and bandwidth for Telemetry Dashboard deployments.

Telemetry in Office 2013 poster

Download or view a visual representation of the Telemetry Dashboard components and how they work. This poster includes a description of all components, a list of what Office files are monitored, how data collection works, and more.

Thumbnail of the Office Telemetry poster

Thumbnail image of the Office Telemetry poster

Telemetry Dashboard articles on the Office IT Pro blog

Visit our blog for the latest news on Telemetry Dashboard and Office 2013 compatibility.

Office 2013 and Office 365 ProPlus - Planning, Deployment, and Compatibility forum

If you have questions about how to use Telemetry Dashboard or its components, you can submit your questions in this TechNet forum.

Telemetry Dashboard worksheet reference

Find reference information about Telemetry Dashboard worksheets that helps you understand Office stability in your organization

Custom reporting and database schema reference for Telemetry Dashboard

Learn about custom reports in Telemetry Dashboard, view sample reports, and see lists of the tables and fields in the telemetry database.

The following video recordings about Telemetry Dashboard in Office 2013 are available to view online or to download.

Quick tips for Telemetry Dashboard navigation

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