Installing Planning Server

Updated: 2009-04-09

You configure Planning Server 2007 software components during the second stage of Setup. You can configure one component at a time or multiple components by using Planning Server Configuration Manager.

You must configure the following four components:

  • Planning Server databases

  • Planning Process Service

  • Planning Web Service

  • Planning Administration Console

Planning Server can be installed and configured in one of two ways, depending on the business need. The two configuration options are:

  • Stand-alone configuration: Install all Planning Server components on a single computer. To do this configuration, Microsoft SQL Server must be installed locally.

  • Distributed configuration: Allows selective configuration of one or more Planning Server components on multiple computers. This allows Planning Server databases and all components to reside on separate computers, allowing flexibility in setting up a customized topology. In a distributed, multi-computer topology, this combination step of installation plus configuration is required on each computer in the topology.


    When the PerformancePoint Configuration Manager is run, there may be a disruption to services and sites for Internet Information Services (IIS). We recommend that all critical IIS services and sites be suspended until after the Configuration Manager finishes.

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