Monitoring Server overview

Updated: 2009-04-30

Monitoring Server provides design functionality for the following:

  • Dashboard elements

  • Read data sources

  • Analysis Services

  • SharePoint lists

  • SQL Server

  • Excel 2007

  • Excel Service

  • ODBC

Monitoring Server also provides publishing functionality by using the following:

  • SharePoint Services

  • Excel 2007

  • PowerPoint 2007


  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Monitoring Server allows business analysts and business decision makers to:

  • Measure overall performance. Every key performance indicator (KPI) represents an organizational goal, such as sales quotas, inventory monitoring, or customer response time.

  • Monitor the performance of divisions within in an organization.

  • Determine the effectiveness of a specific functional area, such as human resources, legal, or finance.

  • Track the success of key strategic initiatives at both the organizational level or departmental level, and determine the root cause of any anomalies.

Using Dashboard Designer, business analysts and IT professionals can create data sources, KPIs, scorecards, analytic reports, and dashboards so that business decision-makers can accomplish these tasks.

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