Overview of the data migration tool

Updated: 2010-02-02

The data migration tool assists in migrating reference and fact data for PerformancePoint Server Planning applications. This tool may be limited according to how complex the application or application design is. The data migration tool is designed to aid organizations with data migration and is not a complete solution for every situation, in all environments.


The major steps to migrate a PerformancePoint Planning application to a new destination are:

  1. Export from a source system

  2. Import to a destination system

  3. Migrate the data

  4. Load the import workflow, security, and reports data

  5. Deploy all model sites in the destination system

  6. Bring the migrated application online

  7. Verify the application migration

This tool covers the process of migrating of the data.

Before you use the tool

We recommend that you make a backup of your databases before you start this process. You must perform the following steps before you can run the tool:

  • Grant, at a minimum, the following permissions for the user running the data migration tools:

    • Data Administrator permissions to the application

    • Data reader role on the application database

    • Database owner permissions on the staging database

  • Install the Planning Command Utility (PPSCmd.exe ) on the same computer on which the tool is being run

  • Register the Staging database with the Planning application

  • Check that the Service Identity (SI) account has database owner privileges on the Staging database

This tool is currently designed for the initial data migration only. It could be used for incremental migration but may produce unexpected results.

Tool operation

When the tool starts, you are presented with the following dialog box, in which you must enter certain values, denoted by <> in the image, before you can prepare or load the data.


While the tool is running, The Status box describes each step that is being performed. If there is an error, the tool stops at that point, displaying the function that it was running when the error happened. Once the error has been corrected, you may have to restart the process.

After you use the tool

After the tool has run, you are ready for the next step: loading workflow, security, and reports data. See Operations Guide for Planning Server for more information.

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