Manage security templates in Project Server 2010


Applies to: Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2012-01-19

Summary: Administrators can use security templates in PWA to standardize the granting of user permissions by role.

Security templates provide a means for you to quickly apply or reset predefined permission profiles to new or existing users, groups, and categories. By applying security templates, you can easily standardize the permissions that you assign according to user's role in the organization. A number of predefined security templates are created by default when Microsoft Project Server 2010 is installed. These align with the predefined groups. You can customize these security templates or create new security templates according to your needs.

Creating custom templates requires planning. You must first identify the common Project Server usage patterns in your organization that are not reflected in the default Project Server security templates. This helps you to identify your requirements for custom security templates. Then, determine the permissions that the users who share the common Project Server usage patterns require. This defines the security template. Next, determine the set of projects, resources, views, and so on, that the users and groups require access to; this defines the security category. Create the custom security template and apply it to the group of users that share the common usage pattern. The permissions that you define in the custom security template will enable users to access the Project Server security objects that they require.

Project Server 2010 creates eight default security templates during installation.

  • Administrators

  • Executives

  • Portfolio Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Proposal Reviewers

  • Resource Managers

  • Team Leads

  • Team Members

Each security template is given a set of default category and global permissions, based on the functions that each group typically does in an organization. As mentioned previously, when creating new security templates, you are allowed to copy the permissions for a default security template and then customize it to suit your needs.


For information about the permissions assigned to default security templates, see Project Server 2010 default group permissions.

Task requirements

The following are required to perform the procedures for this task:

  • Access to Project Server 2010 through the Microsoft Project Web App site.

  • The Manage users and groups global permission in Project Server 2010 to create, modify, or delete a security template.

To manage security templates in Project Server 2010, you can perform the following procedures: