Prepare the database servers (Windows SharePoint Services)

Applies To: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0


Topic Last Modified: 2008-08-08

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  • SQL Server and database collation

  • Required accounts

  • Preinstall databases (optional)

Before installing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, you must prepare the database server.

The database server must be running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with the most recent service pack.

The Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Setup program automatically creates the necessary databases when you install and configure Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Optionally, you can preinstall the required databases if your IT environment or policies require this.

For more information about prerequisites, see Determine hardware and software requirements (Windows SharePoint Services).

If you are using SQL Server 2005, you must also change the surface area settings.

Configure surface area settings in SQL Server 2005

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, point to Configuration Tools, and then click SQL Server Surface Area Configuration.

  2. In the SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration dialog box, click Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections.

  3. In the tree view, expand the node for your instance of SQL Server, expand the Database Engine node, and then click Remote Connections.

  4. Select Local and Remote Connections, select Using both TCP/IP and named pipes, and then click OK.

SQL Server and database collation

The SQL Server collation must be configured for case-insensitive. The SQL Server database collation must be configured for case-insensitive, accent-sensitive, Kana-sensitive, and width-sensitive. This is to ensure file name uniqueness consistent with the Windows operating system. For more information about collations, see "Selecting a SQL Collation" or "Collation Settings in Setup" in SQL Server Books Online.

Required accounts

The following table describes the accounts that are used to configure Microsoft SQL Server and to install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. For more information about the required accounts, including specific privileges required for these accounts, see Plan for administrative and service accounts (Windows SharePoint Services).

Account Purpose

Setup user account

The account that is used to run Setup on each server.

Farm search service account

The service account for the Windows SharePoint Services Search service. There is only one instance of this service in the server farm.

Application pool process account

Used to access content databases associated with the Web application.

Preinstall databases (optional)

In many IT environments, database creation and management are handled by the database administrator (DBA). Security and other policies might require that the DBA create the databases required by Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. For more information about preinstalling databases, including detailed procedures that describe how the DBA can create these databases, see Deploy using DBA-created databases (Windows SharePoint Services).

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