Preupgradecheck: Stsadm operation (Windows SharePoint Services)

Applies To: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0


Topic Last Modified: 2009-04-15

Operation name: Preupgradecheck

Runs rules that are intended to assist administrators in preparing for upgrade from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and related products to future version of SharePoint and Technology products.

For more information, see the Remarks section and Pre-upgrade scanning and reporting for future releases (Windows SharePoint Services).


The preupgradecheck operation was first introduced in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 2 (SP2).


stsadm -o preupgradecheck

**   -[rulefiles <rule file name>]**

**   -[listrulefiles]**

**   -localonly**


Parameter name





A valid rule file


Specifies which rule files to use for the detection routines.

Requires a quoted, delimited (comma or semicolon) list of rule file names without additional path information. The default setting is to run all rules.




Lists each detected rule file without executing check routines.

If XML fields are supported in a list rule file, the Name and Description fields of the XML rule file will be displayed.

The default setting is not to list rule files.




When this parameter is enabled, it checks the local server with rules marked with the localonly attribute and then runs them.


The preupgradecheck operation calls the core execution engine and runs detection routines. The preupgradecheck operation runs in default mode without any parameters, will detect each rule file in the rule file directory (that is, "%commonserverfiles%/Microsoft Shared/web server extenstions/12/config/preupgradecheck"), and then execute each of them sequentially. A subset of rules files can be specified using the localonly parameter.


To check the local server only, and skip doing farm level checks, use the following syntax:

stsadm -o preupgradecheck –localonly

To return the set of rules in the "%commonserverfiles%/Microsoft Shared/web server extensions/12/config/preupgradecheck" directory, use the following syntax:

stsadm -o preupgradecheck -listrulefiles