Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.SPLogger namespace

This namespace contains the classes that make up the near Real Time Logs API. SharePoint Online dedicated customers can use this API to download operational logs from their online farm in near real time. The downloaded logs will be in a similar format to the logs generated at the source. There are multiple type of logs generated in the online farm, but only a subset of these will be available to download. The API endpoints can be accessed only by authorized personnel due to the nature of the data in the logs.

This API is for internal use only. In the future it will only be available to SharePoint Online Dedicated customers. For more information on this program, see Office 365 Dedicated.


  Class Description
Public class LogExport This is the primary class that should be instantiated to obtain metadata about the logs that you can download.
Public class LogFileInfo This class creates an object to store the array of properties returned by the GetFiles method in the LogExport class.
Public class LogFileInfoPropertyNames These property names are used by the LogFileInfo class