Manage My Sites settings (SharePoint Server 2010)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

My Sites are personal sites that provide users in your organization with a rich set of social networking features. These features include a My Newsfeed page for managing colleagues, interests, and newsfeed settings, a My Content page for managing documents and photos, and a My Profile page for managing things like user profile information and social tags and notes.

My Site settings are part of the User Profile Service. For more information about how to create a User Profile Service application, see Create, edit, or delete a User Profile service application (SharePoint Server 2010).

Before setting up My Sites, you should be familiar with the concepts contained in My Sites overview (SharePoint Server 2010) and you should understand the prerequisites and recommendations in Plan for My Sites (SharePoint Server 2010).

After a farm administrator has created a User Profile Service application, a designated administrator of the User Profile Service application can configure My Sites by performing one or more of the following procedures:

Most of these procedures are configured during initial deployment and only changed infrequently during normal operations thereafter.

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