Introduction to Access Services (SharePoint Server 2010)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

Access Services is a service application available in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 that allows users to edit, update, and create linked Microsoft Access 2010 databases that can be viewed and manipulated by using an internet browser, the Access client, or a linked HTML page.

Who should use Access Services?

IT professionals and end users should use Access Services to allow the use of Access databases inside a Web browser, to publish and share information across teams, and to create and modify databases where no Access client is available.

Features of Access Services

Access Services allows you to create, edit, and save Access databases in the following ways:

  • By allowing instantiation of a Microsoft SharePoint Server database on any computer that can connect to and has permission to use Access Services on a networked computer running SharePoint Server.

  • By allowing the creation, publishing, and sharing of a SharePoint Server Web database from any computer that can connect to and has permission to publish to a computer that is running SharePoint Server and that has Access 2010 installed.

  • By allowing the download, modification, and republishing of modified data in an Access Services database from any computer that has Access 2010 installed and can connect to a computer running SharePoint Server.