Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.WebServices namespace

Includes classes for the Web services used to manage taxonomies included in rich and Web client applications.


  Class Description
Public class DisambiguationInstanceReturnObject Reserved for internal use. Returns disambiguation parameters about an item.
Public class MatchesReturnObject Reserved for internal use. Matches the object returned from the TermStore object to a specified object.
Public class MatchReturnObject This member is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class SuggestionGroupReturnObject Reserved for internal use.
Public class SuggestionReturnObject Reserved for internal use.
Public class SuggestionsReturnObject Reserved for internal use.
Public class TaxonomyClientService Provides the Web service methods needed for a client application to host a managed metadata control.
Public class TaxonomyInternalService The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class TermLanguageSpecificInfo Reserved for internal use. Class for term language specific information. This includes lcid, description, and labels.
Public class TermStoreGenericObject Reserved for internal use. Generic term store object that represents the Term object, TermSet object, Group object, and so on.
Public class TermStoreGenericObjectConverter Reserved for internal use. Serializes and deserializes supported type data when converting objects to and from generics.
Public class TermStoreGenericParent Reserved for internal use. Term store generic parent object containing parent guid, and a list of children The property names are greatly reduced to keep the size of the JSON string small
Public class TSMTReturnObject Reserved for internal use. This class is used to provide a way to report error back to the client. When using AJAX web service call though sharepoint, any exception becomes generic Internal Server 500 error, thus can't reflect real error.