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SPAuditMaskType enumeration

Specifies what kind of actions and events are being audited for a particular site collection, site, list, folder, or list item object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)


Public Enumeration SPAuditMaskType
Dim instance As SPAuditMaskType
public enum SPAuditMaskType


Member name Description
None No events or actions.
CheckOut Check out of the object.
CheckIn Check in of the object.
View Viewing of the object by a user.
Delete Deletion of the object.
Update Update of the object.
ProfileChange Change of a profile.
ChildDelete Deletion of one of the object's child objects.
SchemaChange Change of the object's schema.
SecurityChange Change in a security configuration for the object.
Undelete Reversal of the deletion of the object.
Workflow Use of the object in a workflow task.
Copy Copying the object.
Move Move of the object.
Search Search of the object.
All All types of events and actions.


This enumeration is primarily used to provide values for the SPAudit.AuditFlags property.

Contrast this enumeration with SPAuditEventType, which enumerates events and actions that are potentially auditable.

Most values are relevant only to certain types of objects. For example, a site collection cannot be checked in or checked out.

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