Microsoft.Office.RecordsManagement.RecordsRepository namespace

Provides types and members for the records repository.


  Class Description
Public class DocumentRouterAutoFolderSettings Configures automatic folder creation in a content organizer site.
Public class DocumentRoutingFeatureNotActiveException Indicates that the Content Organizer feature is not active.
Public class DocumentRoutingResult Represents the results of a document routing action performed by the content organizer.
Public class EcmDocumentRouter The EcmDocumentRouter class represents a content organizer that routes documents submitted to a Web site.
Public class EcmDocumentRouterRule Represents a rule that defines document-routing behavior for the content organizer.
Public class EcmDocumentRouterRuleCollection Represents the collection of rules that are used by the content organizer to organize submitted documents.
Public class EcmDocumentRoutingWeb Represents a repository abstraction that can be configured to automatically organize and manage incoming content.
Public class HoldingZoneExpirationAction Obsolete. This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public class ItemCannotBeDeclaredUndeclaredRecordException Thrown when an item cannot be declared or when an item is undeclared as record.
Public class OfficialFileCore Represents the processing engine for documents submitted to the Records Repository.
Public class PublishingPageRouter Implements the IPublishingPageRouter interface.
Public class Records The Records class defines utility functions associated with Record items.
Public class RecordSeries Obsolete. Represents a rule.
Public class RecordSeriesCollection Obsolete. Represents a collection of all rules in the repository.
Public class RecordsRepositoryCommon Contains the Web template ID used for creating a new Records Center.
Public class Router Reserved for internal use..
Public class UniqueExtension Creates a unique extension.


  Interface Description
Public interface ICustomRouter Performs custom processing on documents before they are routed to the final location.
Public interface IRecordDeclarationHandler Provides an interface for custom processing of declaring a list item as record.
Public interface IRecordUndeclarationHandler Provides an interface for custom processing of undeclaring a list item as record.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CustomRouterResult Represents the result of custom processing on submitted documents.
Public enumeration DocumentRoutingCollisionSetting Specifies whether there was a collision, whether an existing file with the same file name as the document being routed at the document's final routing destination when determining the final routing destination of a document, and what the router settings say to do if there is a collision.
Public enumeration DocumentRoutingResultType Result from calling the GetFinalRoutingDestinationFolderUrl Web service to route a document.
Public enumeration RecordDeclarationPermissions Enumerates the possible permission levels required for declaring and undeclaring records.
Public enumeration RecordOperationResult Enumerates the possible statuses of custom record declaration and undeclaration processing.
Public enumeration RecordRestrictions Enumerates the possible restrictions imposed on record items.