Deploying Group Chat Server


Topic Last Modified: 2011-12-15

Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Group Chat communications software is an extension of the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 infrastructure. Depending on your topology, you can install Lync Server 2010, Group Chat on a single computer or multiple computers. For details about available topologies and the technical and software requirements for installing Group Chat Server, see Planning for Group Chat Server in the Planning documentation.

If your organization requires compliance support, you can install a Compliance service on a separate computer after you have completed installing and configuring the servers running Group Chat Server. For details, see Installing the Compliance Service for Group Chat Server.

Group Chat Server is supported on a virtual server. The virtual server can support up to 30,000 users if it matches the specifications of the physical server. We recommend four-core processors and 8 GB of memory.

At a minimum, each topology requires a server with Lync Server 2010 installed and a server with Microsoft SQL Server database software installed. For database sizing, the majority of the size is derived from message content, so you need to estimate the average message size, and average message rate per day to determine growth over time.


Group Chat Server must be installed on an NTFS file system to help enforce file system security. FAT32 is not a supported file system for Group Chat Server.