Migration from Office Communications Server 2007 to Lync Server 2010


Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-18

The topics in this section guide you through the process of migrating from Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 to Microsoft Lync Server 2010. If you intend for your Office Communications Server 2007 deployment to coexist with a Lync Server 2010 deployment, this guide also includes some essential information for operating in this mixed environment.


This document describes the steps generally required to accomplish each phase of migration. It does not address every possible legacy deployment topology or every possible migration scenario. Therefore, you may not need to perform every step described, or you may need to perform additional steps, depending on your deployment. This document also provides examples of verification steps. These verification steps are provided to help you understand what you need to look for to ensure that each phase completes successfully as you progress through your migration. Tailor these verification steps to your specific migration process.


Before you begin, watch the short video at https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=206447 for an overview of the steps required to migrate from Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 to Microsoft Lync Server 2010.

This guide provides information specific to upgrading your existing deployment. It does not explain how to change your existing topology. This guide does not cover the implementation of new features. When a detailed procedure is documented elsewhere, this guide directs you to the appropriate document or document section.


This document does not address configuration specific to Enterprise Voice.

This document defines terms as specified in the following list.

  • migration
    Moving your production deployment from a previous version of Office Communications Server to Lync Server 2010.
  • upgrade
    Installing a newer version of software on a server or client computer.
  • coexistence
    The temporary environment that exists during migration when some functionality has been migrated to Lync Server 2010 and other functionality still remains on a prior version of Office Communications Server.
  • interoperability
    The ability of your deployment to operate successfully during the period of coexistence.

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