Capacity Planning Requirements and Recommendations


Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-31

The following sections provide guidance for your capacity planning in two ways:

  • Capacity Planning Using the User Models is a general summary of server requirements that assume that the usage of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 in your organization is similar to the usage outlined in the previous section, Lync Server 2010 User Models. If your organization follows typical user models, you can use this section to quickly see the numbers of servers you will need without doing any calculations.

  • Scenario-Based Capacity Planning provides granular capacity numbers for each workload in a variety of situations. If you can project your Lync Server 2010 usage in detail, you can calculate the number of servers you will need and their expected load. This section is especially useful if your usage will differ from the user models in Lync Server 2010 User Models.