Installing the Mobility and Autodiscover Services


Topic Last Modified: 2012-01-12

After you install cumulative update for Lync Server 2010: November 2011 and set the ports, you need to install the new Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service and Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Autodiscover Service.


It is important that before installing the Mobility Service and Autodiscover Service, you first set the ports for the pool that you want to enable for mobility. If you do not set the ports first, the Mobility Service will not be installed.

The Mobility Service supports presence, instant messaging (IM), contacts, and dial-out conferencing on mobile devices. It also supports Enterprise Voice features, such as single number reach (receive calls on a mobile device that were dialed to your work number), Call via Work (call from a mobile device using your work identity), voice mail, and missed calls, on supported mobile devices.

The Autodiscover Service enables mobile devices to locate resources, such as the URL for Web Services, regardless of network location, without requiring the user to manually enter URLs in the mobile device settings.

The Mobility and Autodiscover Services installer requires that the Internet Information Services (IIS) module for Dynamic Content Compression be installed. If this module is not already installed in your deployment, install it before you install the Mobility and Autodiscover Services. For details, see Install Dynamic Content Compression in IIS.

If you use IIS 7.5 (recommended), you only need to install the Mobility and Autodiscover Services. The installer automatically changes the required ASP.NET settings for you. For details, see Install Mobility Service and Autodiscover Service.

If you use IIS 7.0, you need to perform extra steps to change some ASP.NET settings. Perform the following steps in the specified order:

  1. Install the hotfix for ASP.NET settings so that you can configure the CLRConfigFile parameter in the applicationHost.config file. For details, see Install Hotfix for ASP.NET for IIS 7.0.

  2. Install Mobility Service and Autodiscover Service. For details, see Install Mobility Service and Autodiscover Service.

  3. Change ASP.NET settings and restart IIS. For details, see Change ASP.NET Settings and Restart IIS for IIS 7.0.