Microsoft BHOLD Attestation Operations Guide


Applies To: Forefront Identity Manager

This operations guide provides administering and managing information for initial and day-to-day operations of Microsoft® BHOLD Attestation, a module of the Microsoft BHOLD Suite Service Pack 1 (SP1). This guide consists of the following sections:

When to use this guide

Use this guide when:

  • You want to configure BHOLD Attestation to meet your organization’s requirements for validating the permissions and accounts assigned to users by BHOLD Core.

  • You want to verify that the users in your organization have been granted the accounts needed to access the applications that are managed by BHOLD Core.

  • You want to verify that the users in your organization have been granted the permissions needed to use and access information in those applications.

This guide assumes a basic understanding of BHOLD Core, how it works, and how your organization uses it in conjunction with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 (FIM) to manage identities throughout your organization.

This guide contains detailed procedures that are designed for operators (or designated users) who have varied levels of expertise and experience. Although the procedures provide operator guidance from start to finish, operators must have a basic understanding of how objects in the BHOLD Core role model relate to each other and their purpose. BHOLD Attestation operators who are tasked with initial configuration of BHOLD Attestation must have the ability to use the BHOLD Core portal to make changes to the BHOLD Core role model. It is not necessary for operators who are responsible for defining and managing attestation campaigns to be able to modify the BHOLD Core role model, however.

For information about installing Microsoft BHOLD Suite SP1, see Microsoft BHOLD Suite SP1 Installation Guide.