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Triggers and bindings


This is a Sandbox project. The content in this article is unsupported, and therefore may be out of date or not in a working state. That said, we still think it was awesome enough to include here. Enjoy!

Cosmos DB

Retrieve a single document by ID Retrieve a single document with an input binding
Save multiple documents to a collection Saving multiple documents
Trigger a function based on changes in Cosmos DB Use the change feed to trigger a function
Retrieve a list of documents Retrieve a list of documents with an input binding
Using DocumentClient Run complex queries with DocumentClient
Customize a DocumentClient and reuse it between executions Create a customized and shared DocumentClient insta

HTTP and webhooks

Accessing query string values in HTTP Triggers Read query string parameters
Accessing the request body in HTTP Triggers Read the contents of the request body
Restricting HTTP verbs in HTTP Triggers Restrict the HTTP verbs that trigger a function
Securing HTTP Triggers with security keys Use keys to lock down an HTTP trigger function
GitHub comment webhook Respond to GitHub webhooks

Manual trigger

Manual C# function Create a function that is triggered manually

Queue storage

Triggering via Azure Storage Queue Trigger a function when a queue message arrives
Azure Storage Queue Trigger using a POCO Bind queue messages to a custom object
Retrieving queue metadata from an Azure Storage Queue Trigger Access metadata of a queue message
Poison queue messages with Azure Storage Queue Triggers Handle poison messages
Azure Storage Queue output binding Use basic queue output bindings
Using ICollector with Azure Storage Queue bindings Use ICollector and IAsyncCollector with queue output bindings

Service Bus

Triggering functions from Azure Service Bus queues and topics Trigger a function with messages from Service Bus queues and topics
Using ICollector with Service Bus queue bindings Send multiple messages to Service Bus queues with ICollector or IAsyncCollector
Retrieving queue metadata from an Azure Service Bus queue/topic trigger Get metadata of queue messages from the Service Bus trigger
Azure Service Bus output binding Send messages to Service Bus queues and topics

Table storage

Table storage input binding Use the Table storage input binding


Timer trigger function Trigger a function on a schedule