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How to: Create a Publication for SQL Server Compact Subscriptions (SQL Server Management Studio)

This topic provides instructions for creating a publication on SQL Server 2008 that replicates articles to the subscriber running SQL Server Compact 3.5.

To create a publication

  1. Run the New Publication Wizard and follow the steps in "How to: Create a Publication and Define Articles (SQL Server Management Studio)" in SQL Server 2008 Books Online. As you move through the wizard, select the following options:

    1. On the Publication Type page, select Merge publication.
    2. On the SQL Server Compact 3.5 Subscribers page, select Yes.
    3. On the Articles page, select the tables you will publish. Only tables can be published to SQL Server Compact 3.5 subscribers.
    4. If you want to add a dynamic filter, on the Add Filter page, use the HOST_NAME() function in the filter statement.
  2. Complete the wizard according to your needs.

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